Align offers a variety of workshops that are designed to focus in on the different aspects of operating a practice. We work with you to develop a customized plan based on your identified strengths and improvement areas.

We believe the best education is one that encompasses a diversity of learning styles and attitudes. This means we utilize an array of teaching methodologies; including experience based learning, interactive training exercises, on-site one-on-one lessons based on personality profiles, ongoing phone support, tech support, and many other techniques that we customize with you. This allows us to provide training that builds on a foundation over time, and deepens your understanding of your team’s specific needs and approaches.


Annual ReAlignment

Just like a medical checkup, this service helps you by discussing any issues you may have identified, and some you may have not. Realignmnent is ideal for helping you ground yourself and refocus for the year ahead.


  • Work with your team to establish a strong, commonly identified goal and determine the roles each team member will play in achieving it
  • Unite or reunite your team around vision, mission, values and strategies for implementation
  • Develop business plans and set new goals for your business and for individuals
  • Identify business challenges and new opportunities
  • Offer openings to discuss any other issues to help you realign your business for the coming year


Confidence and consistency are the most important aspects of a leader. Become the leader your team wants to follow by learning how to best manage the diverse personalities within your team.


  • Create a leadership vision and mission; formalize values; set goals
  • Enhance communication with your team, especially when you’re having those difficult conversations
  • Learn skills and tips for juggling your workload – prioritization and time management skills for leaders
  • Develop important meeting management skills

Office Manager

The unsung heroes of the workforce, office managers make the gears turn and the ends meet. Learn how to hire, onboard, train and motivate to make your office a positive, effective workplace.


  • Master HR strategies – hiring, onboarding, training
  • Acquire proficiency in financial management – production vs collection, payable and monthly break-even point
  • Learn to launch successful marketing ventures
  • Develop candid communication skills to overcome objections
  • Motivate team members and discover creative ways to sustain team morale

Change Management

Change can be hard, but learning how to manage it does not have to be difficult. We work with you and your team to learn how and why people react to change, and how to best support them through the process.


  • Establish a vision for your desired results
  • Understand how and why individuals react to change, and how change impacts them
  • Learn how to:
    • Prepare people for change
    • Support their learning and motivation to change
    • Address and decrease anxiety towards change
    • Embrace or reconcile the reality of change
  • Discover ways to focus on productivity and positive results

Treatment Coordinator

Patients, especially new patients, require support to know which choices are best for them. Help them understand their recommended treatment and how insurance benefits can work for them.


  • Acquire and fine-tune the skills to guide patients through the process to improve case acceptance
  • Learn strategies to confidently present fees and complete financial arrangements
  • Identify ways to help patients understand their benefits and maximize their utilization of benefits
  • Establish guidelines for providing outstanding case management to help support patients through their treatment experience

Admin Boot Camp

Administration is the face of your business. Be sure that yours is smiling. Sign your front desk team up for a condensed series focusing on basic dental terminology and concepts, and communication skills that will help them make a positive first impression.


Your team will master the following skills and proficiencies:

  • Telephone techniques
  • Stellar customer service
  • Strategic productive scheduling
  • Hygiene reactivation
  • Financial protocols
  • Reducing no shows and cancellations
  • New Patient phone interviews
  • Communication skills to best manage patient complaints and concerns

Stellar Dental Assisting Team

Is your dental assisting team reaching its potential? Every practice is unique, but practice standards exist everywhere. Have us teach your dental assistants how to provide a high standard of care while feeling empowered in their crucial role.


We can create a workshop designed to address your needs for your dental assisting team. Dental assistants complete this workshop with elevated knowledge and confidence in the following areas:

  • Intraoral skills
  • Responsibilities and Accountabilities
  • Patient interaction – stellar patient care
  • Charting, documentation and recordkeeping
  • Mini-treatment coordinator (chairside treatment coordinating)
  • Emergency patient management (prompting the doctor)
  • Clinical and Restorative Protocols: to streamline training for new team members
  • Patient check-out: to facilitate treatment acceptance and scheduled treatment (verbiage to use from clinical to administration: the 3 C’s – Clear, Concise,       Communication)
  • Infection Protection Controls (Sterilization and WHMIS documentation)
  • Lab case management
  • Inventory control management
  • Medical emergency protocol

Dental Hygiene

Good dental care in the office is important, but it’s critical for patients to continue the practice of oral hygiene at home. This workshop teaches tactics for how to communicate effective treatment strategies so that patients understand the importance of and practice proactive and ongoing oral health.


The following steps will be covered in this workshop for good oral hygiene practices in and outside the dental office:

  • Establish the process of care: assessment, dental hygiene diagnosis, treatment planning, implementation and evaluation skills
  • Identify and collect the data for the assessment for a complete periodontal exam
  • Learn to apply patients’ assessment data to determine a dental hygiene diagnosis
  • Select individualized dental hygiene therapy plans for each patient with respect to their goals, values, beliefs and preferences
  • Select a maintenance schedule for periodontal cases for prevention of disease or stable maintenance with collaboration with patient and other health care      professionals
  • Produce documentation on all stages of the processes of care for patient’s charts
  • Create flow charts of the systems introduced to document the process and facilitate the understanding of how a process is executed

Human Resources

You provide excellent oral care, but can you say the same about your human resources skills? We’re here to help you answer “yes!” by showing you how to build a foundation of qualified employees, service manuals, payroll systems and effective team meetings.


  • Learn hiring strategies to help guide you through the process of bringing on the “right” team
  • Develop systems for new team member onboarding, orientation and training
  • Create ongoing training opportunities for existing team members
  • Establish effective positive team meetings and positive growth conferences

Business Monitoring

How will you know that this year is your best one yet? Learning how to apply and measure office metrics is a valuable skill you can easily use to help you determine what works and what needs attention in your business.


  • Discover effective and efficient ways measure, track, demonstrate and predict your office metrics by monitoring of key performance indicators that drive the practice


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