What We Do

Dentistry & Practice Management

We are leaders in the field of dental practice, providing professional experienced consulting and coaching services. We offer training and support for all areas of your practice, from enhancing management methods, to realigning your staff to maximize performance, as well as reading and understanding your resources for business metrics.

We bring great ideas to the table that are specific to the dental industry so that you can reach your goals. It’s what sets us apart, making us the perfect partner for you and your practice.

Training Practices

We believe the best education is one that encompasses a diversity of learning styles and attitudes. This means we utilize an array of teaching methodologies; including experience based learning, interactive training exercises, on-site one-on-one lessons based on personality profiles, ongoing phone support, tech support, and many other techniques that we customize with you. This allows us to provide training that builds on a foundation over time, and deepens your understanding of your team’s specific needs and approaches.


We offer a variety of assessments to meet your needs. If you are looking to better understand how your practice is performing we offer the Practice Performance Assessment. This will review the key metrics of your practice and allow you to know where the areas of enhancement are as well as uncover untapped potential. Maybe you want to know how to how to improve your downtime? Are you uncertain of when to add more doctor hours such as hiring an associate, expand your facility or starting up and want to know the potential of your hygiene program? The Capacity Efficiency Assessment is for you. We support dentists by providing them data to help in the decision-making process giving them comfort with knowledge that can help improve your practice while taking into consideration such things as how it will impact your cash flow and expenses. We offer a multitude of assessments to suit your needs.

Team and Leadership

Align’s goal is to uncover areas of improvement, streamline processes and maximize the potential of your organization’s team and leadership in order to enhance efficiencies and increase the profitability of your business. To support this commitment, Align works closely with individuals, delivering high-level coaching, mentoring and skill development, working towards creating a more efficient, effective and aligned team.

Human Resources

In most practices, little thought is given to hiring that team member that aligns with the business vision, mission and values. Align bridges the gap by providing the necessary onboarding, orientation and training to new employees, as well as ongoing training and coaching sessions for existing employees.


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