Sue Mason CDA, RRDH
Certified Adult Educator, Change Management Practitioner

(807) 627-3919

Dental Practice Management Coach and Trainer

Sue’s passion for training and life long learning comes from a diverse background in the field of dentistry. A former dental assistant, restorative dental hygienist, office owner and administrator, Sue recognizes the challenges for all team members.

As a Certified Adult Educator Dental Practice Management Coach and Trainer, Sue works with leaders and teams to develop through change and achieve or exceed their goals while having fun!

With experience in front-line positions, along with a thorough understanding of business management, Sue is able to recognize and work through the dynamics of the patient- employee-employer relationship. She brings to her clients the ability to plan, organize and execute action in a strategic and creative manner.

Sue is highly strategic, enthusiastic and goal-oriented. She can easily spot the sources of miscommunications and misalignments and is able to effectively communicate her multiple resolutions and solutions to problems.

Sue has an infectious positivity that helps others express their concerns and engage in the transition process. By involving as many voices as possible, she enables her teams to confront change with confidence and optimism.

Her optimism, enthusiasm and dedication to success encourage her teams to believe in their own success and Sue is always ready to take the first step to bring a plan to action.

Linda Anderson, CTP
Certified Adult Educator, Dental Practice Management Coach and Trainer

(905) 536-9308

Dental Practice Management Coach and Trainer

Linda loves results! She realizes that to be a successful leader you must understand the impact of change on a team. Change has been a constant in Linda’s career.

Linda gained her knowledge and experience through developing her roles within the practice of dentistry; as well as through continuing education and then as a practice management coach serving dentists across North America.

Linda has completed many courses in leadership; mediation, case presentation and has a Certificate in Adult Education through Saint Francis Xavier University. She is also a member of the Academy of Dental Management Consultants and achieved the designation of Certified Training Practitioner from the Institute of Performance and Learning.

As a coach, Linda recognizes talent, skills and knowledge in people. She is the go to person when defining roles and skills in the areas of managing downtime, case presentation, accounts receivables, scheduling and much more. Linda’s clients achieve their vision and gain financial returns on their investment. She facilitates workshops on the business of dentistry and has been the instructor of the Dental Practice Management Certificate course at the University of Toronto Dental School Department of Continuing Education.

The team approach to dentistry is important to Linda. She has the ability to create motion and momentum in others. She believes that with understanding and humour a team will embrace change to achieve the results they desire.

Karly Edwards - RDA
Certified Adult Educator, Practice Management Coach and Trainer

(306) 539 9101

Certified Adult Educator, Practice Management Coach and Trainer

Karly is a dental professional with over 15 years of practice experience. She has worked in  British Columbia, and London England, and is currently working in Saskatchewan. She is a Registered Dental Assistant, has experience in Treatment Coordination, and has managed multiple offices since 2012. She is a certified Adult Educator, and provides ongoing production support to dental offices. She is energetic and carries a positive attitude, recognizing the value of communication and teamwork. Carly works closely with teams to include all members in the change process

Pauline Lavoie, RDH
Certified Adult Educator, Clinical Coach (Hygiene)

(613) 818-0642

Clinical Coach (Hygiene)

Pauline is fascinated by the future. By seeing the potential in others, and knowing that each individual is a work in progress, she will ensure that all team members are included to help them experience individual and team success. She brings to coaching a desire for educating individuals in dentistry and has built a reputation of sharing her knowledge and effectively communicating with clients and fellow colleagues in the offices where she has practiced and coached.

After graduating from Cambrian College in the bilingual Dental Hygiene program, Pauline has had the opportunity to have a multi-faceted career: as a dental assistant, dental hygienist, clinical instructor at a French community college. Pauline also holds a certificate in Adult Education from St. Francis Xavier University in which she has incorporated in coaching dental teams across North America. She continues to practice as a clinician where she still perfects her skills by mastering the non-surgical periodontal therapy program since 1995 and is able to deliver the successes she has experienced to others in the coaching field. Pauline’s energy, creativity and enthusiasm can be felt when she explains and demonstrates in the clinical setting where she makes it easy for dental teams to implement the program in their practices

Pauline thrives on applying practical theory and keeping current in a practice setting. She inspires others with her passion in dentistry, her commitment to continuing education and to the hygiene profession.

Jamie McAuley Lain, RDAII
Clinical Coach (Dental Assisting)

(780) 970-7318

Clinical Coach (Dental Assisting)

Jamie is a Registered Dental Assistant who graduated from the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology. During her decades of experience in the field of Dentistry, her positions have included chairside dental assistant and office manager in a large and busy dental practice as well as a part-time clinical instructor at the University of Alberta and the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology. She has also worked for a dental practice management company travelling to different dental practices throughout North America as a dental assisting coach. Currently, Jamie is working part time as a chairside dental assistant in a busy prosthodontic practice where she enjoys helping their patients regain their smiles.

She is committed to educating and mentoring dental assistants and dental team members. While managing a team of over 25 dental hygienists, dental assistants and business assistants, she recognized the importance of team synergy and communication between all team members.

Her diligence, persistence and strong work ethic guarantee’s she will go that “extra mile” for her clients. Jamie’s innate intuition allows her to adjust her coaching techniques to fit the needs of the team and she will continually go out of her way to support and motivate those around her. She can be relied upon to apply a high standard of care to all team members and embraces the philosophy of keeping a positive attitude at all times. Jamie’s natural instincts are to solve problems by actively questioning and defining differences in order to help team members discover their own needs and learn to solve their own problems. Her mission is to help guide dental assisting clinical team members toward their ultimate goal of synergistic harmony as they set each other up for success within their respective practices.

In her spare time she enjoys spending time with her family as well as running, golfing, hiking and riding her motorcycle with her husband.

Kelly Hoffman
Assessment Specialist

Assessment Specialist

Kelly’s career started in dental assisting and then moved into hygiene as well as restorative hygiene. She then further developed her skills to become an analytical consultant who provided comprehensive assessments to dental practices for a North American dental practice management company. During this time she achieved a certificate in dental practice management at the University of Toronto dental school.

Kelly’s strategic thought process allows her to provide solutions and scenarios that support the goals and needs of today’s dental practices. Her ability to see the need for alignment of key metrics within a practice for profitability inspired her to develop a software tool. This tool allows her to support clients to find their practices true potential.

Clients have confidence in her ability to do the diligence needed to work with them on a vision and a strategic plan for their practice. The ability to show clients the potential that the future holds is the motivation that is evident in her presence.


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